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About "The Family Friendly Parrot Formula" Video Course
My wife and I travel the world coaching our private clients how to work with their wild, biting, screaming parrots; and turn them into loving pets that the entire family can interact with.  We've never publicly shared our Simple 12 Step Parrot Program that we refer to as the Family Friendly Parrot Formula, until now!
We somewhat-jokingly refer to this as the "12 Step Program for Parrots" because if you're like most people, you've been denying the fact that you have a problem at all.  The first step is to admit that your parrot isn't the perfect household pet (yet), and that you're ready for him to become a Family Friendly Parrot.

Does your parrot... 
Bite you for no reason?
Refuse to train because it doesn't like treats?
Only like one member of your family, and wants KILL the rest?
Scream NON-STOP for your attention?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, we have the solution for you!

• In this video we reveal why "Every interaction is a training session," whether you like it or not.  You are increasing the likelihood for good behavior, or decreasing it - and how to set yourself up for success.

• You'll discover what Opportunistic Training is and why not being aware of this can be detrimental to ever having a well behaved parrot... ever.

• We show you what The Reset is and why it's such a powerful way to get your bird to focus on you, so you can actually train it!

• In the past, training sessions have been limited to 2-5 minutes.  However, in this single video we teach you a secret that we use that allows you to train all day long!

• You'll be shocked to discover how often you're currently accidentally punishing your parrot, and how to focus on using positive reinforcement.

• We illustrate in the simplest and clearest way ever, how using negative reinforcement can actually improve your relationship with your parrot in as little as 1 training session through our Power Pause Technique.

• You'll learn how to use food to motivate your parrot, without starving her, even if your bird doesn't currently like treats!

In Part 2 You'll Discover:

• Why YOU have a G.O.L.F. Handicap, and how it's silently affecting your parrot.

• Professional techniques to get your bird to want to train.

• Why the secret formula B+P+T²(+R) = Success is your FOUNDATION to a lifetime of success with your parrot!

• What "A Few Feathers" actually mean, and how to use them to earn your bird's trust.

• If your bird won't take treats, you'll understand how treat values change based on your G.O.L.F. Handicap.

• Why your bird's bank account is relevant, and how you might be draining it accidentally. 

• Spotting the first signs of a 1-Person Bird, and how to cure it.

• And much, much more!
“I loved the video and was immediately able to see what I needed to change to keep my African Grey from running to my shoulder and velcro himself there!” 
Abbey J.
"I feel like an expert now"
Randy Thompson
"Doesn't Get Any Better :)"
John Hunter
About The Producers
Dave Womach (a.k.a. David DaVinci) has worked with birds for most of his life. An entertainer by profession at age 13, Dave trained and incorporated doves into his earliest routines. Stage acts require the most reliable behaviors and Dave’s training skills have produced flawlessly trained birds.

In 2000, Dave got umbrella cockatoo, Linus, and went on to prove that a rescued parrot with a questionable past can be trained to become a great pet and performer. Dave went on to become the World Champion in his field of entertainment that year by becoming the youngest magician ever to win the Pacific Rim Professional Stage Championship.

Dave is a founding member of (initiated in 2002) and shared with the avian community the many benefits of training their birds.

One of the first to introduce the concept of freeflight to the world, in 2008 Dave and his wife Jamieleigh started the Freestyle Flyers Club through which they successfully trained clients to fly their parrots outside. Their documentation of their awe-inspiring freeflight experience with their own birds has changed many people’s views on the then controversial topic of freeflight. Today, freeflight is not only widely accepted but is encouraged by the avian community and Dave and Jamieleigh remain at the very forefront of this trend.

Dave’s strength is in intricate training that is built on a strong foundation of positive reinforcement. He has gone to great lengths to understand the habits of predatory birds, watches weather patterns and implements other risk reducing factors and his attention to these precautions make their freeflying course the safest and most comprehensive available. They have a 100% success rate with their clients.
Jamieleigh Womach has one of the most recognized faces in the avian community and is well respected for her methods and successes in parrot training.

Jamieleigh began her journey with parrots as a teenager. She mentored under Dave Womach and got her training experience through hands on work with a variety of parrot species. During this time she developed a style of her own and has countless successes under her belt. While Jamie is part of the freeflight team, she is also available to help with your training issues at home.

Jamie is small detail oriented. While standing back to observe a training session where everybody is watching the performance of the bird, Jamieleigh will be the one to note a late click or uncomfortable body language realizing that the “little things” often have the biggest impact.

Having somewhat different styles of training, Jamieleigh and Dave are the perfect compliment to each other which offers their freeflight students the well-rounded experience of two professional trainers.

Her strength is in her teaching abilities. She gets right to the point in helping people understand the things they need to know to be successful in any aspect of bird care or training. She does whatever it takes to ensure her students have been given every tool for success possible before they venture out on their own. She has her own special way of driving home a point and has been known to fabricate “learning scenarios” in an attempt to reach a student that she feels isn’t quite getting the message. If you are a student of Jamieleigh, you will leave a much wiser bird owner.
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